Silver Surfer Training Courses

These courses are open to anyone over the age of 50.  Courses available include


  • Beginners 

    • How to turn a computer on

    • How to use a mouse

    • Introduction to the desktop and start menu   

    • How to shut down a computer     


  • Getting to grips with windows 

    • How to open an application

    • How to use the desktop

    • How to open/create a folder and add/delete files

    • The Recycle bin

    • Using search to find files or applications

    • Changing the desktop background


  • Using the Internet

    • Connecting to a WiFi network

    • Using a browser

    • Visiting a website

    • Using a search engine


  • Sending Emails

    • Setting up and email address

    • Composing an email

    • Adding attachments

    • Sending an email

  • Using Social Networks

    • Setting up a facebook account

    • Adding Photos

    • Adding Friends & Family

    • Posting statuses, comments and liking posts.

  • Microsoft Word

    • Opening Word

    • Choosing Fonts

    • Typing

    • Editing options

    • Copy & Paste

    • Saving & Opening

    • Printing

  • Shopping online

    • Using an online store

    • Creating and account

    • Adding items to basket

    • Checkout and Delivery


These are only some of the courses we offer.  If there is something particular you wish to learn about a computer please contact us and we can arrange a custom training course.


All our courses are ONE 2 ONE unless you book a group course.

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