Due to the current Covid-19 

pandemic we have now made
our App available.


We have released one simple App for Latest Tracking, Guidance & Advice on Coronavirus (Covid-19) all in one central location.  You can download the app using the link above. (CoronaTrack.apk)

This app release includes access to:

  • Daily tracking updates.

  • Question & Answers.

  • List of confirmed cases by country.

  • Current situation for each UK region. 

  • Information on UK Government Response.

  • Latest UK Government issued advice and guidance for the public and health care professionals.

  • Guidance for employers and businesses.

  • Latest Travel Advice.

  • 111 Online assistance & Information.

  • New Guidance, information and features will be added as the Coronavirus situation evolves.

NB: At this stage our app is only available here for Android users, there is currently a delay having our app released on Google Play store , we are also working to have this release on the IOS App stores as soon as possible. 

Notice for Android users:  Your phone may indicate a message regarding apps from unknown sources, Please click allow to beable to install the app. 

If you have any questions concerning this app, you can contact us via email at or use by using the form below

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